Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I am back!

I feel like I have neglected this blog and all of you for a long time..
I keep going back and forth about the true purpose of this blog and in reality, it is about the scrap quilts. Honestly, I have not made one since last time I posted a quilt. Now that I have something small to share, Here I am!

A block for Julie and her White coat project. She approached me a while ago to make a block for her coat. I thought I was on top of things and could send her a block in time.. I was so wrong!
I really don't know where the time flies but it sure gets away from my hands.

I also finished this quilt that was not as scrappy as some of my other quilts but I used all I had that was already cut and made it into a wedding gift. 

The back of this quilt was made with whatever yardage I had in my stash to match with the front. I machine quilted the quilt and washed it before I mailed it out for the newly weds.

'Heat Wave' was made also as a gift during the week when entire east coast was burning hot!
It represents lot more than the atmospheric heat wave!
I will just leave it to that!
I also finished 'Driftwood'
You can read all about the story behind this quilt here

Hopefully I will have more to share in the near future.
What are you working on?

Oh, I almost forgot!
Nilesh and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary this month!

Life is good!