Friday, July 1, 2011


My basket was full of scraps!!

You know it's time to get sewing when the basket starts overflowing!
There's bits of fabric from very early quilts, even my first quilt! Scraps given to me by friends. The orange solid was the only fabric that was "new".
Some pieced combinations were tests for other projects that didn't quite make the cut but found a home in this quilt. I even used up scrappy threads! Half used bobbins of unusual colours, and almost finished reels.
Solids work well to break up the scrappy mish mash. A place for the eyes to rest, and to add depth.
The quilting is as scrappy as the quilt. I'm not very confident with my machine quilting so this was a good chance to get used to handling a quilt in the machine and play with different patterns.

The quilt ended up being 70 inches square and looks perfect hanging in our entrance hallway...

and in the trees and the bottom of our garden.

Cattywampus means cockeyed, messed up, out of whack, screwy. The perfect name for my latest quilt!