Saturday, March 10, 2012

Something small

The Victorian Hexagon Quilt is finished! I feel pretty proud.. Not only to have finished it but I will be starting to quilt it soon too. Yes, I am staying on track and not let that one go inside the closet.
You can visit here to read more about the quilt.

Before I start quilting  the quilt, I decided to use up those cut-away scraps from the hexagon blocks. As much as I enjoyed making a quilt using foundation piecing method, I wasn't ready to throw away anything just yet.

So, I cut bits and pieces and used what I could and made a little quilt top. 

Yes, I can not emphasis enough on the word "little".

It is an 8" x 8" quilt, I would like to call "Fragments". It represents the memories left in fragments. In this case, the memories of my recent quilt and it's process.

I am making it to donate for the AAQI. For which it represents the fragments of memories left in a brain struck with Alzheimer.

I just found out that the quilt I made last year was sold. A perfect time for me to start another one.

What are your scraps being used for? Mine are going for a good cause.

Visit AAQI to learn more about the project. Help any way you can.

Here is another one I will be hand quilting next week.

Remember, scraps are fast and fun way to make unique quilts.
Can't make a big quilt? Make a small one and donate it to AAQI.
It doesn't take that much time.. Just the will to make it happen.