Friday, October 29, 2010


20" X 32"

Like a lot of you, I love working with verity of projects. I enjoy making traditional quilts and constantly improvise on techniques, color choices and different textures.  

Whenever I am in between projects, I start making fabric from scraps and put them aside. You never know when they might come handy! These baskets started out in an effort to clean up my sewing room. I had always wanted to make a scrap basket quilt. As I kept making the patches, they became larger and turned into baskets.  I made a number of them.

Soon, I realized how much fun they were. So the next thing was to invite all of you to join in the fun!

You can make crazy patch or out of strings, use orphan blocks and make them small or big..
One or ten or twenty... sky is the limit!

The possibilities are endless! Knowing how much you all like working on an impulse, I have no doubt that this is going to be a cheerful and fun place to visit and get inspired!

I know I am going to make many..
I want a place for us to gather while we gather our baskets.

Only one Catch! ( I said.... No rules) I lied!
May I ask politely to use scraps?
How can you not? They look so bright and cheerful!

There are no deadlines to finish a quilt. This is a place to post pictures of your love for scraps.
I will post references on making a basket block soon. Meanwhile, start having fun making those crazy patches!
I am hoping for a great show!


  1. well this is exciting
    I went to visit a friend and she gave me bags of fabrics! Bags of scraps and fat quarters, I think I will make mine from these.
    I will take a picture of all the fabrics together later!
    ok how big is this basket???

  2. Fun to use fabrics other than yours! So much excitement packed in those little scraps!
    The basket is about 18 inches tall.
    I need to make some small.

  3. Sound like a fun time, thanks for inviting me!

  4. lovely basket there. I hope to see many more soon.

  5. We're going to have such a wonderful time here!! Thanks to Sujata for wanting to share her baskets with us.

  6. Great tutorial! And thank you for creating this blog. It will be many baskets full of fun!

  7. Fabulous basket, wonderful new blog! I've added your baskets link to my ongoing Liberated Quilting: Blocks, Letters, Patterns and Tutorials

    This is such a great addition and will be such fun to watch as the scrap baskets fill up and beautiful blocks are created!