Wednesday, November 10, 2010

lonely berries.

I'm hoping those little berries will not have to wait
too, too long for some flowery company!!
They need it.
Poor little things!
Maybe they'd even like a few leaves.
Probably so.


  1. Beth,

    Your quilt looks beautiful! Flowers will be nice but I like the berries without them too. It looks so whimsical. Love the scrappy borders!

  2. Great border. I kind of like these stems and berries as-is. Reminds me of the bare twigs outside.

  3. I'm in love! This is so cute! Like Nifty, this reminds me of the season, as is...

  4. This quilt is looking so beautiful!!! I like the berries and branches "as is" too.. but maybe we can't see what wonderful things you have in mind.

  5. Love it! I think it looks great with the "lonely berries." The baskets are adorable!

  6. I must confess I love to applique circle! They look wonderful and very light hearted.