Monday, December 6, 2010

scrappy chinese coins table topper

When I finished the quilt on the wall some time ago, the leftovers got boxed and stored. They were a mix of thrifted shirts and trousers (linen), soft flannels, japanese fabric and more. Quite a mix. Trying to organize my stash, they resurfaced and I decided to use them up, aiming for a table topper to accompany the wall quilt.

As these leftover strings all had the same width, they came together quickly. I decided to frame them with some 100% linen (from stash), as that was an important ingredient in the wall quilt.
The linen was beautifully black (before washing) and a bit wobbly. So I optimistically marked the top for a diamond quilting pattern, using my chalk pencil. Pinned it, and started quilting. Had second thoughts, and ended up with very close parallel lines. Linen is a bit more demanding than cotton! Has a life of it's own...

The resulting 32" square table topper is quite wonky, compared to the top before quilting...

Still, it makes a nice, coordinated pair.

Have fun with the left- overs! I think they make the best start for some fun play with fabric...


  1. I love both of these quilts. Looks like you had fun with the quilting. The parallel lines look quite impressive! It is nice to have a quilt with a personality and life of it's own!

  2. This is what's quilting is all about!!! You have done a great job!! happy sewing day, Daniƫlle

  3. very nice, I love them both.don't ya love bonus projects? the quilt on the wall is the one block a cat?

  4. String kind of quilts are one of my favorites...your quilting really makes it!

  5. Great little quilt!! I agree, the scraps from one quilt are a great source for another quilts. Thanks for the tip about linen. I like the wonky look you ended up with.