Monday, August 13, 2012


Well, working with the Goodwill skirts and dresses was not enough. I wondered how men's shirts would play out. It is time to pull them out and make yet another one of my favorite quilts.

My color inspiration came from here.

More to wash and tear and cut and sew. 


  1. Always an interesting use of fabrics!

  2. I love quilts made with Men's shirts. There is something comforting about those colors and, of course, I love the plaids and stripes! Looking good so far!

  3. Who knew? I have trouble keeping up with 1blog and you have 2? With such beautiful scrap quilts and a wonderful chikdren'sstory. I can't keep up with you.

  4. I love the floral with the plaid. I know it's going to be another masterpiece of yours. Is your inspiration from the BOLD IMPROVISATION book? There's a "monkey wrench" quilt in there that's also on my list. ( I couldn't get your link to work.)

  5. I've got some plaid men's shirts in blues and browns, i put them in my corduroy stash because I think they'd go well. I love your blue block, it's going to be another wonderful quilt, I can tell!!

  6. Love buying shirts at Goodwill! Will have to rethink what I had originally planned for these plaids!

  7. I wonder, do you limit yourself to 100% cotton with these shirts? or do you break the "rules" and use some rayons and blends?

    Great block, and great idea! God what I could do if I raided my husband's closet! LOL!!

    1. Hi Sandy!
      I think your husband will have a gorgeous quilt if you raided his closet!
      I do stick to 100% cotton as much as possible but I have overlooked the fabric content if I am too crazy about the print, which happens often with the rayon shirts.