Sunday, July 6, 2014


For many months I have been cleaning my closets..Yes, my cleaning/purging lasts for months since I don't really stick with it. Little distraction comes my way and I am off to something better than that closet.
I found few old jeans and decided to cut them up. Not knowing what I would do with them, best thing was to tear them into strips.

And this is what it led to.

Here is how I made it.

Tear the strips 2 to 3 inches wide.

Make log cabin or house top blocks by layering the edges of two strips about 1/2'' and top stitching as you go. This avoids all the bulk on the seams on the back side of the block.

Also remember to back stitch front and back end of the stitch line. 

Make them roughly the same size. Now you don't have to sit with a ruler. Since they are all made form reasonably similar size strips, it isn't hard to keep them the same size. You can use filler strips when it comes to final piecing of the quilt.

Start arranging them next to each other however they fit. Sew the blocks into rows.

At this point you may want to pin the blocks. Denim is bulky even without those seams in the back, once you have sewn a few pieces, it gets heavier and difficult to manage.

Because there no seams, there is no right or wrong side. Have fun piecing them without worrying about the sides. Finished piece will end up with good character added to it.

Here is the completed top. I am still considering on how to finish the quilt. I made it during the dead of last winter. Cold and Gray with the touch of Gold!

Don't you think it was a good distration from cleaning those closets?

These days I am busy working on this quilt.

Click on the picture to read all about it on my other blog.

Hope you all are working on something scrappy and fun!


  1. Looks like a fun project.....i see color getting in there some way, some how....

    1. Kelly, I think you are right..I see the possibilities.

  2. beautiful. reminds me of japanese indigo textiles.

    1. Thanks Tonya, I couldn't agree more. Now the question is, will I take a tedious path to finish or an easy one?

  3. I love the thin white strips made by tearing the jeans. I've been saving my husband's old jeans. Someday I may use your technique. Thanks!

  4. Looks fabulous.....I really need to make a quilt using denim one of these days.

  5. I love your denim piece! It's a beautiful reflection of your snowy days touched with golden sunshine.

  6. Hi! I love your demin Project! Great idea not to sew with seam allowance. Thank you for sharing - I shall absolutely try this for the demins I have collected (and fortunately already cut in big pieces). x Teje

    1. Hello Teje,

      Thanks! I hope you try this. It was fun to make. You just reminded me that I should finish this quilt.