Friday, August 15, 2014

The Christ Collection

Couple of weeks back I went to the Hershey Quilt Show with my friends. There were some amazing quilts there.

I did not take many pictures of the quilts in the show. The quilts I was most inspired by were the from the Christ Collection called American Pride - Eagles and Stars. Although, photographing those antique quilts was not allowed, I have to share these beauties with you.

I took some shots from the show book.

I hope you enjoy them. It made me want to make a traditional star quilt. When and how? I am not so sure!
I am still waiting for one more quilt to appear in the blogland soon. May be that will do the trick!

They were also selling some of the re-created patterns. You can find them here:


  1. It's a great book. I am glad I got one too.

  2. boo hoo hoo
    I didn't see them - I'll have to get mine on line. It looks amazing! if i hadn't already done a star quilt, this would make me want to.

  3. Very clever to take pics of the show book when you couldn't take pics of the quilts themselves! I've seen these quilts - I think I have a book with them in it.

  4. These quilts are amazing!! I think I might need that book :0) How wonderful to see these quilts in person! Thanks for sharing the pictures you could take,