Saturday, October 30, 2010

Basket #1

The beginning of a happy quilt.
Maybe I'll even put something IN the basket....
who knows???
Something to DREAM about.
Do you dream about quilts??
They're usually Happy dreams.....
Here are my supplies:
A drawer FULL of black and brown.
As you can see....I have plenty to work with here.
No need to buy anything. ;)

And a basket shaped piece of paper.
Simple supplies.
Fun sewing.
Happy dreams.


  1. Beth,

    Neat basket! I was just going to post some pictures of real baskets for inspirations but I see we are all doing just great!
    I love the black and brown combo!

  2. Beautiful Beth! Rich and earthy color scheme. If I were a cat, I'd crawl right into this one and have a nap!