Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friendship Basket

Do you remember this lovely basket that Sujata made? Well, she sent it to me as part of a block exchange on the 15 minutes play blog. I've been having such fun this weekend, playing with this block and a mixture of scraps from her and other blogger friends.

Those little churn dash blocks are 4". I've never made a block that small in my life! But they are just so cute, I decided I really like the small piecing idea.

Here are soon-to-be potholders, made with the scraps from the churn dash blocks--scraps of scraps! Those little triangles are about 1/2".

Thank you Sujata!!


  1. YOU ARE AMAZING MY FRIEND! I am trying to find a perfect word to describe your sense on creativity and miserably failing at it!
    You can turn threads into gold.. talk about scraps!!!!!
    Love your little quilt! I can not wait to try the churn-dash blocks myself!

    And, For every one who is reading this comment and is a contributor of this blog.. How about a little basket block exchange? If interested, send me an email..
    I think this will be a wonderful way to gather our friendships in a quilt!

  2. Oh. by the way, love those potholders!
    Thanks for bringing an added smile to my already cheerful, Sunny, Sunday morning.

  3. I love that little basket quilt and the potholders! Amazing!!!

  4. What a find seeing this sweet liberated basket quilt this morning. I was thinking about churn dashes last night and have never made them, may be this quilt is an inspiration GOdwink!

  5. I love the idea of the basket exchange! It was good to also have some of your scraps to go with it.
    So, we could send each other a basket full of scraps! Count me in.

    I forgot to mention that the instructions for the 4" liberated churn dash blocks are in Collaborative Quilting by Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran.

  6. This is so fun and playful! Love how you framed it.
    ; )

  7. Absolutely fantastic!! The riot of colours and the churn dash blocks are wonderful. I love the border too. And it's all made extra special because it's a friendship quilt. I'm up for a basket swap!