Friday, December 3, 2010

Not just the baskets...

I thought of adding this picture to the blog just as a reminder that this blog is about what a basket full of scraps can do.. Please feel free to post anything you have made out of scraps. It is not limited to basket quilts. It may have started out that way but let's broaden our platform and provide greater inspirations for each other and all who visit us.

We have done GREAT so far.. I love how everyone's baskets are so different and quite inspiring with their  individual style. I can not wait to see all the fun ideas you all have to share.
This is a place for your unique, one of a kind creations.

My quilt below is still under construction and might remain that way for a while.


'Confetti' is almost ready. 
I have stitched the binding on but need to attach the sleeve so that I can hang it for a proper picture.

 I think I got a little carried away with stitching.. 
I love it!


  1. These quilts are great! Love the hand stitching.

  2. love all your stitching Sujata! and all your scrappy bits at the top, fabulous!

  3. looks like getting carried away was a very good thing!

  4. Love the stitching on your confetti - and all the gorgeous solids together!
    ; )

  5. Your scrap quilt is so beautiful! I'm trying to understand your unique color sense. Everything you make looks like the sun is shining on it.

    Never too much stitching!

  6. I love your colourful wheel quilt!! And Confetti is such a perfect name, wonderful chunky quilting!! Thanks for reminding us that this blog is about using baskets of scraps not just making baskets from scraps.