Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quilt for Meera

I did not mean to copy you .. I mean it..

It's just that the fabrics in the backgrounds are seersucker and I wasn't sure if they would hold well.. 

And your quilt is so pretty..

I looked for the large floral.....and since it was a gift for a baby girl,

I thought the floral fabric would be just right..

This fabrics was perfect. 

Baby's room is green and orange with Shasta daises on the wall
 Now I am STUCK....

I think the border was a great idea!

K says it does not look like a quilt for baby. Anything mild I choose for the back is not going to cut it.

Whatever I come up with.. is too loud and busy for a baby.. 

I have not made many soft pastel baby quilts. 

I don't know how to!

Tell me what to do. Anybody?

I am sorry, it looks like I copied you.. I did not mean to..

I just thought I would have an out in open conversation with Nifty.. If you didn't already know that!

I know, she wouldn't mind.



  1. That border is absolutely perfect!! I think it will go with green and daisies just fine. There are large flowers in the print. If it were my baby, I would like this so much more than a soft pastel quilt. Moms and babies are much more fashionable now than they were in our day. I'll bet they'll hang it on the wall! I would be SO excited to get this quilt!

    As for copying, there is no such thing. Just more people having a similar good idea. This is definitely an all-Sujata quilt! Mine turned out less dynamic than yours because I chose the border first, and then chose my scraps to match. Also, I used all new fabrics, many from the same line. Too "matchy, matchy," as Kaffe would say.

    Your quilt is gorgeous! I say, sew it up and give it with joy.

  2. P.S. This makes me want to sew up a bunch of similar value scraps for "background," just to have them on hand.

  3. Wow BOTH quilts are beautiful. I for one love the big flowers in the border. I think it adds to the playfulness of the quilt, perfect for a baby!!!!

  4. Sajuta be sure to bring this one for Show and Tell next Wednesday!! They will love it.

  5. I'd say that Sajuta just gave Nifty a great big compliment!!! Wonderful quilt!

  6. Nifty,
    I have to admit.. the crazy backgrounds are fun! Sewing from same old gets old seeing the same pieces in every quilt. But I stuck with them.

    Kelly, I am not sure if I can bring this one. If it is finished and I am hoping it will be.. It will be gifted this weekend.

    Beth, that is what I was going for!
    Thanks everyone!

  7. Yes, it IS a great compliment! I am honored. I get so many ideas from YOU, Sujata. It's nice when I can inspire you too!

  8. What a wonderful quilt! I gasped when I saw it! The border fabric is so bright and full of fun, perfect for a baby in my opinion! The pale plaid backgrounds are wonderful!!