Monday, November 1, 2010

Why not?

Yesterday was crazy!
Tons of little and big kids stopped by..
We actually finished most of our candies.. always a good thing!

I did not sew a stitch over the weekend. Lots to do around the house.
Took my daughter shopping for some fall cloths and it was a successful trip.
We even made it to a furniture store. Did not find the perfect dining table but, now I can say I tried!!!
NO more running to the mall and that give me time to sew!

Over all it was a crazy weekend!
Well, that got me dreaming of Monday and more baskets..
And I woke up this morning thinking, why not go crazy all the way?
Wait, that was the last night's thought but I had to wait to experiment till this morning.
So here is what I finally decided to do with my background for the basket..

The crazy background.. of course! I just made two more blocks but could not wait to show them to you all.
What do you think? I have used seersucker. I am not sure how it is going to hold. May switch the background to shirtings. I do have a lot of that.. old shirts from goodwill and some from my husband's closet..
He does not know that..

1 comment:

  1. Great!! The contrast is there. Maybe these will all go together with your big basket. Cool background, warm basket might be the theme.