Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Presents

These are some gifts.......

I made for .......

some of my.......

sewing girlfriends......

who are the best ever!

I used my little garnishes that I made from scraps and was going to put on the wrapping part of the present. After I sewed up the pin cushions they looked a little "naked" so I tried these on and really liked how they looked!
They are about 7" x 7" and I filled them with ground walnut shells. I made them big because they are as much art as they are useful!


  1. lucky and blessed your sewing friends will be when they get them!

    GROUND WALNUT SHELLS??????? NEVER in my life have I heard of that? What made you think of that filling? Is their something special about them? Where would you buy ground walnut shells??? You'll have to do a post on that!

    Love the little addition of the flower. It does add something folksy to it.

    I also love your blog title and description. I am so much like that. I fly by the seat of my pants, and the boxes of scrap fabric I have!!! LOL

  2. Positively kawaii !
    Warm wishes from Tokyo, Japan!

  3. Yes, walnut shells! That's what Jean Wells told us to use to stuff pin cushions, when we were in Sisters this fall. She says they are found at Petco, in the bird department. Thanks for the reminder Sujata.

  4. What gorgeous pincushions and special gifts for your friends!! I used selvedges to make mug rugs for my family. I really like the way you colour coordinated yours.

  5. Fabulous! I keep hearing about people doing things with the selvage strings, but hadn't seen anything I wanted to actually do - other than use them to tie back my hair! But these are so adorably cute, I may have to start saving those pieces, too. I love the scrappy flower things.

  6. I have never saved selvedges before but can now see that I really should start saving them--- your use of them to make pillows is fabulous:) I have been enjoying looking around here!!! Thanks for sharing your creativity and inspiring me to try new things!!!