Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Red and Green on the Housetop!

Okay... With all of you working on the Christmas projects, I had to pull out my red and green scraps. 
All scraps. Large and small went in these blocks. 
Is it going to be ready before Christmas? 
How big? 
I don't know just yet.
All I know is that I will hand quilt this one too!

Because, I like hand quilting and finishing with curved edges.

It will be a present ... 
to me ...
May be next year around this time ...
the following year.

No rush!


  1. Your red and green housetop makes me want to make one too! Thank you for the inspirations!!

  2. Your hand quilting is wonderful, it gives the quilt a lot of textured and life! Great job.

  3. ohmy gosh I just love the red and green on the housetop quilt...ah yes hand quilt it your way and its going to be wonderful having it for Christmas next year...
    go for it!

  4. Love this blog - how to I join? Also, I love your work - the hand quilting is wonderful. I have to machine quilt everything as I have arthritus in my hands. I really like the red and green quilt and the garnishes and pin cushions - lucky friends. I spent all of yesterday sitting with my scrap bin next to me ironing togehter scraps into Christmas decs. just love those scraps. Happy stitching!

  5. This is a great start!!! I agree with Nifty, makes me want to make one too
    ; )
    And the hand-quilting is so lovely. Enjoy it... and let it take time.

  6. I just keep coming back to my computer again and again to look at that wonderful red and green quilt. And thinking to myself, do I have enough time to make one before the 25th? Wonderful colors

  7. Hmmm... I have LOTS Of green strips and a goodly number of red ones, not to mention a bunch of creams ... maybe this time next year, I'll have a scrappy quilt to share!

  8. I love those red and green blocks, they make me want to dig into my scraps! Great hand quilting.

  9. This is fabulous!!! The pale blue highlights give it such a 3 dimensional feel, as though there's a gap in the squares and you can see a garden beyond.

  10. Already I'm wondering if I have enough green scraps - I know I have enough red ones! I'll have to search through the scrap tote - yes, a bag has not been enough for quite some time!