Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Scrap Challenge


I have been working on my scraps and think it is time to have our very first challenge..
Are you interested?

Here are the rules!

Must have scraps
A quilt no larger than 24" X 24"( So we have something to post at the end of the month)
And since it is February.. How about a quilt that has a message of "Love"
It can be as simple color red.. But more importantly something you LOVE..
Leave a comment.

Are you in?

Here is the progress on my cleaning.
I found lots of strings in my scrap bins.
Some I had been saving on purpose for other quilt and some that I was not aware I had! 
It was time to put them in a quilt top. 
I cut them on a slant and into Approximately nine inches long.
Made blocks that were Nine inches square. 
Approximately of course!
Divided them in half square triangles. 
I am getting good at eye balling the sizes.
And sewed them back again in to squares!

If you make this quilt, make sure the diagonal cut is reversed for half of the nine inch squares.
If you post it on your blog, please link it back to here!

As you can see, I have not squared them off. 
My brain is still whispering.. 
So I will wait until I hear it clearly!

 And here is the progress on my other Scrap quilt.

Hope you are having some fun with your basket of scraps.


  1. Oh a scrappy challenge with the theme Love? It sounds wonderful but i've got so much on my plate that I'll just watch. You never know I may get tempted...

  2. we have the whole month? If so, I'm in...

  3. Rachael,

    I understand! Let's hope we tempt you into joining us down the road!
    Bonnie, I am so excited.. yes..A whole month and more if you need.. Slow works for me!
    I will send you an invite so you can post.

  4. I think this sounds wonderful, but I too have too many projects that I'm working on to be able to join in. But I will be watching (and drooling at) all the wonderfulness.

    And just for curiosity's sake - can the project be smaller than 24 x 24?

    I love what you did with your latest effort!

  5. I think I'm in. ;) Your scraps look so pretty all together!!! I hope mine play as nicely together as yours are doing!

  6. Okay ~ I am in. The temptation was too great. Red, Love, my Mother's 91st birthday is Feb. 16, a new family baby expected on Feb. 20. I MUST do something to commemorate this month. No matter what the other projects might be shouting for attention.

  7. I am tempted. Still on very strict restrictions to limit my sewing time...
    No promises ; )

  8. I am going to give it a try too...many projects in front of me but this sounds like fun!

  9. Hi Sujata - Too late to jump into the pool? I'd love to try your 24" strip pieced block, looks so fun!