Saturday, January 22, 2011

Scrappy Play

I am definitely in the mood for cleaning. Today I decided to clean up more of my scraps. 
This is what I came up with.

Lots of little pieces sewed up in long strips with sparks of half square triangles and sticks laying here and there. It is going to be my Bee Block for 15 Minutes Bee.

Although, it is hardly a block you can sew up in 15 minutes, I learned a lot in the process. Can you imagine making an entire quilt using only bits and pieces? The larges size of a square or a rectangle is 3" long. The longest strip is 4" X 1.5". That would take forever to make a bed size quilt. 

Anna Williams and Rosie Lee Tompkins have done that. 

With my 15 minutes bee players, I will have one of these.. A bed size quilt!!! I am so excited!

 Maker unknown
From the book, Accidentally on Purpose by Eli Leon

I wish I had a better picture of this quilt. It is really difficult to take a picture of a glossy page of a book.

But, you get the picture!


  1. This will be a great fun quilt.
    Funny, I was just browsing through that book last night, so I will run check on that picture.

  2. I have that book and love it! Have fun with your scraps!!!

  3. I love it when you clean!! You're off to a great start on another stunning quilt!!

  4. This is going to be cool whatever you decide to make with it!