Friday, March 4, 2011

blue strings.

Beginning with a stack of blocks.
Blue strings attached to a 9x9" paper foundation....

I made this quilt top.
It Still needs to be a bit bigger.
I haven't yet decided how it's going to grow...
But I will. ;)

Then I made this quilt top.

I have enough blue string blocks to make
ONE more quilt!!!!

These are being made for the graduating high school seniors
at my church.
We had a sewing day in January
and the ladies came and made string blocks.
It was a great project for beginning quilters!

All the seniors this year are boys!!!
Maybe I'll get to work on "cute" quilts next year! ;)


  1. Beth!

    Thanks for posting your quilt! I love the sparkle in those blues.A perfect way to get beginning quilters involved!

  2. Love your blue strings. I need to start making string blocks. But today I decided to sandwich a bunch of quilts that I need to machine quilt. Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful work. Hugs

  3. Great idea for a group project! Love the first one especially - for a boy or girl! :)

  4. I love your blue strings and how nice...for boys! My sons love my quilts and really appreciate them too.

  5. This needs to be done by me in greens...I have way to many green scraps.

  6. Great. I once made a quilt like your string one, but I used muslin and old sheets for the backing of the strings, so it would not have to be removed. this could also be made as a quilt-as-you go

  7. I really like these strip ideas, I'm planning on two new quilts for my two sons, they are all grown up, so I needed a nudge to the grown up colours for guys.