Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baby Steps

My attempt of freehand machine quilting.
Sometimes, all it takes is a little courage and the will to try something new!

My first attempt to try something other than stippling and wavy lines. I can see how machine quilters get easily absorbed into various patterns and designs. This was actually a lot of fun!
I even tried binding with machine.

I tried!

I went back to hand stitching the binding on my second quilt.

Quilts for Basics
If you are a member of this blog, I would like to encourage you to post your scrappy adventures. I know how difficult it is to maintain posting on several blogs. But it seems like this poor blog has been neglected by me and I would like to change that.
I am up for a small challenge. Anyone interested? No deadlines, no rules.. just plain and simple fun :)


  1. What fun fabrics you used! Yay for orange! lol

  2. Beautiful quilting! Nice way to stretch your skill. You're inspiring me.

  3. Beautiful happy quilts made for beautiful happy babies!! Im up for a little scrappy challenge, What do you have in mind?

  4. Your machine stitching looks great!
    I am itching for a new project (:

  5. Machine binding takes practice. I learned on Katrina quilts. On the Bernina I use the edge foot, and on the Juki, the walking foot works well. Don't give up.

  6. Buffy,
    I am going to try to stick to machine binding for some quilts. It's a big help, I noticed!

  7. It's always good to expand your horizons. As they say practice, practice, practice. It's SO TRUE.
    I prefer to hand stitch the binding on. It's quite soothing. But then all aspects of quilting are soothing to me.

  8. I did scrappy for blocks for mini quilts in January. It was fun, and turned out great.

  9. way to go! I see that pile getting smaller!! yipppeeee

  10. i havn't tryed any of that , i sew my bindings on by hand but i will try it sometime and free motion quilting ... when i get up the courage