Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mini Quilt Challenge

Last fall Kathie of Inspired by Antique Quilts had sent me this block. Four little baskets were beautifully appliqued with scraps on scraps. Back then I was getting ready for my surgery and the block stayed patiently in the drawer until this afternoon.  (It was so long ago, I thought I had lost it in my sewing room)

I guess today was it's turn to be turned into a quilt. There must be something in the air because I have never stayed so focused on finishing pending projects.

Well, I am happy that these baskets got the attention they deserved.

Kathie had meticulously hand appliqued them. At one point I was even thinking of hand quilting this quilt but the excitement of finishing the quilt took over after I pieced around the block.

Most of the scraps I used came from a pile Nifty had sent me few months back.  I used the left over binding from other projects.. of course!

Kathie's Challenge
Thanks, Kathie for your gorgeous baskets.
LeeAnn, I still have a lot and a projects in works form all your fabrics. Thank you for sending the goodies!


  1. that is great! oh I love the fabrics you added to it gave it so much more life!!!!!
    I am so happy you finished it! enjoy!

  2. What a lovely little quilt!! It's fun to see those scraps. I love how you've used them!

  3. Love the look and story of this little "whimsy" quilt!
    ; )

  4. Friends + quilting = FUN!!!
    Love your quilt.

  5. Perhaps you just found your challenge for all of us -- a SMALL quilt involving four blocks with baskets or stars or pinwheels or _______. SMALL being the operative word (since most of us have enough big projects to last two or more lifetimes).

    LOVE your little quilt!!!!

  6. I love this! I was wondering at first, from the title, if you were having a small quilt challenge. I must start using older fabrics, I love how they draw you into the quilt. I especially like that dark print on the right with heart in it, very sweet.

  7. The saw tooth border really gives extra movement to the baskets! Gorgeous!

  8. are you bringing for S&T Wed? hope so!

  9. beautiful quilt, I love the border treatment!

  10. love the way you finished the baskets!! so Sujata :)

  11. So wonky and liberated. Love it.