Wednesday, January 16, 2019

RED is my new neutral

Making a start on this today. I'm joining in with Sujata @therootconnection making a quilt from the book #unconventionalandunexpected. Sujata has kindly drafted patterns and instructions for the 'overlapping octagons' quilt, but I have altered mine a little . . . couldn't bear the thought of making 2" quarter square triangles!

I'm using scrappy bits of Amy Butler fabrics and then I tried a few options for the bigger blocks. I almost went with a variety of plaids, but then suddenly I tossed in a red solid . . . and it looked great, so I'm teaming up the prints with assorted red fabrics from my stash.
I wondered about how to get the octagon effect to show more, things seemed a little lost with the four quarter square triangle blocks, so I made up a couple of simple HST blocks too.

I'm not too sure yet where this is going yet, it's all quite mix-and-don't-match right now. However, I'm enjoying making this quilt in a contemporary colour way, it's much brighter than the vintage version. And I guess it fits the brief for both the uanduqal and the recent adhoc: improvquilts challenge too.


  1. Your SAL quilt is so lively and fun with the reds! Fun scrap quilt

  2. Red is no neutral, my baseline in so many projects. Might not be the background will be on this project. I need to dive in soon.

  3. It is good not to know where it is going. The fun continues during the process of making. Red is a neutral for us so many of us! I have tried to break away from it but so far have failed.

  4. Red finds it's way into almost everything I do!

  5. I like the red, I've upsized my block so I don't have to deal with small quarter square triangle blocks.