Tuesday, January 8, 2019

This is the colour scheme I have "chosen" for my newest quilt.
Really they chose me as this is the stash my friends gave me for my birthday last year.
Moving out of my comfort zone.
But with every stroke of the rotary cutter I am thinking how good this will look made out of my vintage Japanese collection
or solids.
I see this year's projects forming a line...

Now if I could just put my hand on my copy of 
Unconventional and Unexpected Quilts below the Radar


  1. This is fabulous, Maria! I am sure this was quite different that working with you usual indigo fabrics- which I LOVE! How fortunate are you to receive such beautiful fabrics from a friend? Looking forward to more posts from you. xo

  2. I was able to find a copy at the library. These log cabins look wonderful! Love the colors you have chosen.

  3. I love the soft colours in the blocks, it's quite nice to leave the comfort zone behind - sometimes!

  4. Beautiful selection. So fresh!