Thursday, April 4, 2019

A Bit of Progress

After many, many days of working/playing 
with small pieces of purples, greens, and grays,
I needed a change of pace color-wise.

Time to pull out my Not a Mystery project.

I pieced ten more center string/strip sets
and trimmed them to 4.5" wide before
adding 1.5" red batik strips to the sides.

(this process was inspired by Teresa Rawson's

The red, green, blue, and orange segments
 in the project box are wider and I am using those
for the ends of the strip/string sets to avoid
too-small pieces in the block corners.

(I re-discovered them when I pulled out
the box to get my red batik strips - after
I had pieced these ten center sections)

Eighteen blocks done.

Seventeen more to go.

(original plan was for a layout
5 wide x 7 long with 10" finished blocks --
but I'm also thinking about a minor adjustment to that plan)


  1. Such rich color! Looks like a coat of many colors suitable for a king!

    1. Thank you -- I've also been told the background looks like molten gold and/or flowing caramel.

  2. Keep going! I’m almost ready to start and to try posting

    1. Thanks, Christine - looking forward to seeing what you're making.

  3. Julie,
    I have seen so many versions of this quilt and there isn't one that I don't like. This background is simply stunning. It lets all the other fabrics stand out. Looking forward to its progress.