Monday, June 17, 2019

Optic Strings - Another U&U Project

I ran across The 100 Day Project last week
and realized it was excellent motivation
for me to work on one of my projects 

I have always loved this quilt 
in Roderick Kiracofe's book.

My version will feature a mix 
of solids and reproduction fabrics.

It will also be smaller than the quilt in the book
with a layout 8 blocks wide x 10 blocks long.

Here is the information on the inspiration quilt.

This photo shows my nearly-final fabric pull . . .

And this is what 80 sets of strips look like
when sorted using my paper plate system.

This is that same group of 80 sets of strips
but shown from a different angle.

I can't wait to get started on this one
which I have named Optic Strings.

* * *

My goal is to make a block a day
during the next 100 days  --
and if I get the blocks done in time,
I will include the layout process
as part of my 100 Day Challenge.

Each Monday I'll share an update post on my blog
with the blocks from the previous week.

Here's to making progress!


  1. Wow- such organization! Is there somewhere you have explained your paper plate system?

    1. Kim - yes, I have explained the plate system on my blog -- is a good overview. If you use the Blogger search box on my blog and type in the word plate, you will get a whole series of posts where the plates are being used.

  2. I think I need you to organize my studios and projects! What a system. I’m pondering if I should start a daily goal project....

    1. Go for it -- I love breaking things down into smaller bite-size steps. So much easier to do a little here and there when long expanses of work time are no longer feasible.

  3. Ooh....I have spent time looking at this quilt in the Kiracofe book too! Your colors are so bright and happy....good choices....I can't wait to see your progress on this! Very exciting!

  4. I adore this pattern! Such a good idea to work with solids and stripes together!

    1. Thanks, Audrey - I needed a bit of control for consistency but a lot of freedom to end up with a very very eclectic mix of colors.

  5. LOVE your plate system - my mom had a similar system using squares cut from the newspaper. So organized.
    Can I ask you who your cutting board is made by? I like the fact that it is white. Mine is green with yellow markings but sometimes I find it a bit of a challenge to use. Thx.

    1. Marie - I purchased the current mat from Hancock Fabrics when they were going out of business. Prior to that I ordered a white mat online. You might check the JoAnn's website - they used to carry the large table size mats in white. Otherwise, a search online should find you a source. Hope this helps!

  6. Amazing system organized and what lovely fabrics. This one will be a beauty for sure! Happy Stitching!

  7. With so many bright fresh fabrics this is going to be stunning. Have fun!

  8. I just love your paper plate system...perfection! What a lovely quilt!