Saturday, August 24, 2019

Optic Geese Has a New Name - CONUNDRUM

These are the trimmed-away corner triangles
from this week's batch of Optic String blocks.

These trimmings have turned into a second project
for the #UandU quilt challenge.

Initially named Optic Geese,
I have now renamed this quilt-to-be

Read on and you'll see why.

Same parts sewn together into pairs and 
randomly plopped on the design wall.

This is the new inspiration quilt
from Unconventional and Unexpected.
(click here for that story)

A quick side note for those who have asked.

I am using this large triangle ruler
to cut away the sewn on corners
from the previously shared flying geese blocks.

I am not unstitching all those corners.

Here are a few more blocks on the design wall
with spaces added for future sashing and cornerstones.

Interesting to see how the different colors
appear to create such different patterns
when reduced to black and white.

Same blocks but in a different arrangement.

Again in black and white.

This has possibilities, 
but I need to work with it some more.

Checked the inspiration quilt in black and white
(phone photo of the computer screen)
to help reassure myself I'm on the right track.

And then . . . 

it happened again . . . 

What if I turn the squares on point?!?

And what if I mix up the colors
instead of keeping them in pairs?!?


  1. Now this is different!! Let's see more please Julie!

  2. Your creative process is interesting. I loved seeing black and white version too. xo