Friday, August 9, 2019

The Evolution of an Idea (or how my mind works)

This IG post by Edith aka piecing passion 
recently caught my eye.

I love the red cornerstones, 
the scrappy sashing, 
and the wide possibilities for fabric choices.

When I asked, Edith shared that this IG post
was her inspiration so  I spent the next hour or so 
with pencil and graph paper to see if I could 
come up with dimensions that worked for me.

But as I pondered whether or not to add this to my 
ever-increasing project list, I kept thinking about
one of Audrey's posts at Quilty Folk
and this phrase in particular: 

"What really interests me right now 
is recreating old utility style quilts."

Honestly, that feeling is what drew me in so quickly
when Sujata announced the U and U quilt along -
I flagged at least a dozen quilts in the book
that I wanted to make using fabrics in my stash.

Another click or two on the Internet led me to this photo
of a one-patch quilt c. 1940 by Magalene Wilson 
who is one of the Gee's Bend quilters.

And another click to see more of her work
led to another of her one-patch quilts
with more red cornerstones . . . .

At which point, I had to get up
and walk away from the computer
before I found any more inspiration.

Once I was safely in the studio
I pulled out my copy of U and U
and flipped through the pages.

And my eyes landed on this one -
yet another fabulous inspiration quilt
which turns out to be one and the same
inspiration quilt Maureen chose - click HERE.

I have plenty of shirting, reproductions, and solids . . . 
but I also have too many other things going right now
to be able to drop everything and start on this idea.

Circumspect - meaning "well considered" 
will simply have to wait until October or November.

Between now and then
I'll be doing a lot of pondering
on which direction I want to go with this.

Stay tuned.


  1. Oh yes, I have about a dozen U & U quilts flagged as well. There are SO many that spark joy.:) Can't wait to see yours come together!

  2. Thanks for walking us through these inspiring quilts. Such fun to compare and contrast them as your decide how you want to work.

  3. I laughed out loud when you had to walk away from the computer before you found any more inspiration! I frequently feel EXACTLY the head gets so full and my heart is pounding so hard at all the exciting possibilities with fabric that I begin feeling overwhelmed. Right now, those two quilts you posted by Magdalene Wilson from Gees Bend are making my head spin! I LOVE them and they are now on my inspiration board. I'm so pleased that you were inspired by my first feedsack top and eagerly await your inspired version.

  4. I laughed at the ‘too much inspiration’ comment as well. There are just endless possibilities...not enough hours! Nice write up/lovely quilt.

  5. quiltdivajulie......Check out a remake of the second Magalene Wilson quilt you is by Sujata Shah on Instagram @therootconnection...and it will knock your socks off!

  6. Wow! Great inspiration! I like them all and want to make something like that!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. My blocks are still on my small design wall, methinks I had better get a move on although I do have a little extra time to make some progress if you're not making a start right at this moment in time. The quilts by Magalene Wilson are tremendous!

  8. Thanks for the shout-out Julie! I love these types of quilts so much. Always makes me want to go dig out some fabric and try my hand at making my own!!

  9. Thank you Julie! As you can tell, I am catching up on my reading and this post has inspired me to just pull out some fabrics and start sewing. it has been long months since I have heard the sound of my machine humming. Today might be the day! xo