Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Conundrum - The Quilt

Conundrum is finished!

Measures 30" wide x 42" long

Created using the cut off corners 
from the blocks for Optic Strings.

Layout inspired by the "String Grid" quilt on page 22
of Roderick Kiracofe's Unconventional and Unexpected.

This is my first finish for Sujata's U and U QAL.

Backing is by Keiko Goke ("stripe plaid")

I used the one leftover triangle to create a label.

Quilted with Affinity variegated Rainbow thread
(with Glide Bark in the bobbin)
using my unmarked liberated free motion all-over fans.

And here is where Conundrum will live
for the foreseeable future -
what you see when you first step through
the door to my design studio.

And this is the view as you leave the design studio.

* * *

There are three more UandU quilt tops to be quilted.

Sooner rather than later, I hope.


  1. Nice finish! I am very impressed by your unmarked free motion fans - especially how you keep them all the same size. Looks great!

  2. What a success this is! So bright and happy and I too am impressed by the regularity of your free motion fans. Congratulations on your first UANDUQAL finish!

  3. I just found your blog and love your work! I just followed you via email. I hope you visit my blog too! I love your patterns, colors and fabrics! Beautiful!!

  4. Not only finished but mounted, too. Congratulations. This is quite the inspiration to see every time you enter your studio.

  5. What a delicious treat to see this one on the wall already!:)

  6. Wow! Not only I love this finish but the way it looks in your studio! I hope you teach this quilt at your local quilt shop.

  7. What an utterly inspiring blog. I love the Maple leaf quilt in all its unpretentiousness. The Conundrum looks such fun to make.

  8. I went to read your early November 2021 blog post, and though I could read the first few preview sentences, when I went to the link, there's nothing there. Did you delete your post?