Friday, July 16, 2021

Baskets Full of Scraps

I don't even remember when was the last time I posted here. But lately I am working on a quilt that is so appropriate for this blog, I had to post a few process pictures and talk about the process and its progress.

First version of this quilt I made was in 2009 or something like that. My husband's niece had a baby and so I decided to give that one to her. Ever since then, I had thought of making another one but never got around starting one until about two or three weeks ago when I was working on a sample block for a workshop I was going to teach at a guild in Seattle.  

I wrote the pattern a while back and that prompted me to make another version for myself. 

I chose the colors I hadn't worked with in a while. It has been ages since I have bought new fabrics. I am sticking to my use what you have rule. It kind of feels good to use the stash.  

So here is how it went. I just got a stack of brown and orange fabrics out. Selected a few based on their textures and value.

I already was unhappy where I was headed with these colors but  that day I made a few crazy blocks. 

That night I went to bed thinking I will start over the next day. I absolutely disliked the colors. The design wall looked too much like Halloween. The next day, I woke up, went back to the sewing room and decided to make at least one basket to go on the background. This was pretty challenging because I was already frustrated with the background, how was I going to over come that?  

 I thought lighter value of basket fabrics will be perfect. Considering the seasonal aspect was already decided as soon as I chose the background, I didn't have much choice but to stick with fall colors. 

Okay, this could work, I thought. 

The original quilt had all plaids and stripes for the background. They sort of blend into each other and made a crazy but soft background. This one right here, started looking like a mosaic. I was struggling with really crazy, busy background. Still, I continued on. Once I started appliqueing the handle on the basket, I suddenly calmed down. I could hear my voice saying, this might just work. 

Then there were two!

All I had to do was to continue. More I stared at the design wall, clearer my thought process became, the next few steps became easier. 


I actually got excited about setting the baskets, adding the spark and on and on it went. I have spent most of my day today in the sewing room.

This is where I am right now. I know what I will be doing this weekend. I hope to work as best as I can to complete this quilt top. It is very likely, I will finish it with machine quilting. Entire quilt is too busy for me to finish it by hand. I will be sure to come back and post the final results.

Have a great weekend you all!



  1. I like this and you know, the arching round handles really do help to calm down the busyness of the background. Your designs always come out on top in the end! Thank you for popping up on this site again. I love to observe the process of other quilters!

  2. Wow! The bright baskets do make such a difference! The background has become just that: a soft, non-obtrusive setting for the focal baskets. Have a fun weekend!

  3. Hooray for you posting here! And what a perfect idea you had to add the baskets to that background. So happy that you got excited and are planning to machine quilt this one.

  4. So happy to see your post! Love how you're setting those vibrant baskets into the background.

  5. Great to see your post! I love posts where you talk about the process, decision making. I’d love to try a basket quilt!

  6. LOVE it!Not looking like Halloween now, is it? :)

  7. It is a busy background but you are pulling this off with your wonderful eye for color and design. How good to know you are teaching guilds again and hopefully visiting your delightful grandson.

  8. Orange is one of my favorite colors and add some turquoise it gets even better!
    I enjoy reading your process it helps me relax with my own work.
    And your Crazy Baskets pattern looks like a good one.

  9. It is amazing how your pretty baskets add another dimension and gorgeousness to the scrappy background. Tuly, this quilt is going to be filled with fun, interest and loveliness. LOVE thos baskets!