Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Leftovers and Scraps for 2 New Improv Quilts

Improv 'Half Square Triangles and Broken Dishes'
'Orange X Squares Medallion Quilt', my design.

Thanks Sujata for hosting this blog, Basket of Scraps.

These two quilts are my improv designs. The top small quilt,  Half Square Triangles and Broken Dishes, measures 15" x 16". I pieced it using scraps and recycled cotton shirts I found at a local thrift shop.
In the top photo it is still in the process of being hand quilted. I have since finished it (last summer) and now it is on my wall, perfect brightness for summer.

The second quilt, Orange X Squares Medallion Quilt measures at 44" square.
I used left over blocks, scraps and yardage from previous projects. I pieced the Orange X Blocks (left over from another project) into a medallion and pieced HSTs and nine patch stars (down the left side), as borders, deciding to make the medallion off center.
Did I mention that orange is one of my favorite colors? 
This quilt was started early this year and I'm almost done hand quilting it.

Sujata congratulations on your article in American Patchwork & Quilting, Sew & Tell.
'Post Cards from Thailand' is a beautiful quilt.

Janie, Crazyvictoriana.blogspot.com


  1. Yes, thank you Sujata for the ongoing inspiration you share with all of us! And thank you, Janie, for posting here.

  2. Hi Janie, Thank you for sharing your adorable quilts! I think we need to start posting here again. I have taken a longest break but I am energized again to make scrap quilts.

  3. Love these two quilt Janie, and I agree with Sujata that we should get going again posting our scrap quilt here, hope we can all begin posts again.

  4. Love the using up of those little pieces!