Thursday, January 10, 2019


Here is my choice for Sujata's Kiracofe QAL.  This image is from one of Kiracofe's earlier books and also can be found in Unconventional and Unexpected on p. 2.   Like the Overlapping Octagons. this will be pieced in strips with scrappy bits and pieces outlining the striped fabric.  Yes, I know it is the back of one of his quilts, but some things just need to be tried.


  1. Wow - what an interesting thing to try. Keen to see how it works out.

  2. Sujata: I know you are happy for us to do whatever we want, but do you want us to each pick our own inspiration? Was the one you posted about just one of the many options? Just an idea to get us started? And for us to do as many as we want...just post and share?

    1. Absolutely, Christine! I really want everyone to follow their own instincts. I just thought Overlapping Octagons pattern was interesting.
      So yes, start something you love and post it here. Small, large a block - does not matter what you do.

  3. Some quilts have a back as interesting as the front, this one you're taking inspiration from looks to have lots of possibilities, I look forward to seeing this take shape.

  4. This quilt, the front and the back I am dying to make! This would have been my second choice for the QAL. I am eager to see your start of this quilt!

  5. This caught my eye too..! Will be fun to see how things progress.