Friday, May 17, 2019

The Lattice Quilt Intrepretation

This is the quilt that I ended up with as the answer to the #UANDUQAL. I adore riffing off of quilts in the Unconventional and Unexpected book by Roderick Kiracofe. Trying to keep with the same look/feel/vibe of these quilts while using more modern day fabrics never gets old.
The Lattice Quilt in red
It was quite the challenge in many ways and I wrote quite a bit about the journey over at my personal blog.  I also combined this challenge with another one over at AHIQ blog, the #AHIQRED challenge where Red is considered a Neutral.
Original Inspiration quilt
There are several more quilts in the book that I have bookmarked for future interpretation attempts. So much joy in these charmingly make-do look quilts. It often makes me think that we could take our quilt-making attempts a little too seriously at times! Thanks Sujata for the great QAL! You gave me the perfect excuse to try making yet another quilt in the book!


  1. Lovely to see this finished, I like your combination of tying and straight line quilting along the lattice.

  2. Your interpretation is wonderful -- I'm still working on my first U and U project.

  3. It's lovely; you've kept the idiosyncrasies of the original very well.

  4. Thank you! This has been a great challenge. Makes me want to do more.:)

  5. Love your reimagining of the original quilt!

  6. Audrey,

    How rich your reds are against that pale blue! I do agree with you, a little letting go makes quilt making so much fun. Please make more from the U&U book. I know I will get back to this as soon as I can.