Monday, December 20, 2010

Houses and trees

I am participating in 15 minutes Bee. Lynn wanted some scrappy houses for her month. I made three houses today. They are so much fun! I can see how this can get very addictive very fast! 

I also worked a little on my Red and Green  scrap quilt. 

 Borders look like the pine trees around the houses.. 
Reminds me of our wooded backyard with lots of fir and cedar trees!

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 17, 2010

This bag began with someone's
leftover needlepoint/embroidery project.
I bought it.....
Thought about it.......
Took some more scraps and started sewing!

Now I have a little project bag for my friend!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Red and Green on the Housetop!

Okay... With all of you working on the Christmas projects, I had to pull out my red and green scraps. 
All scraps. Large and small went in these blocks. 
Is it going to be ready before Christmas? 
How big? 
I don't know just yet.
All I know is that I will hand quilt this one too!

Because, I like hand quilting and finishing with curved edges.

It will be a present ... 
to me ...
May be next year around this time ...
the following year.

No rush!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Presents

These are some gifts.......

I made for .......

some of my.......

sewing girlfriends......

who are the best ever!

I used my little garnishes that I made from scraps and was going to put on the wrapping part of the present. After I sewed up the pin cushions they looked a little "naked" so I tried these on and really liked how they looked!
They are about 7" x 7" and I filled them with ground walnut shells. I made them big because they are as much art as they are useful!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Little Bit at a Time

I've been stitching together the teeny bits
 trimmed from my spiderweb piecing . . . 

The shapes are quite unpredictable!

Can we say Random?!

Not at all sure what I will do with these,
but I LOVE the colors!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I decided I wanted to make some hand made "garnishes" for my Christmas presents this year. All I did was free hand cut some circles and some batting, stack them on top of each other and do some free motion quilting on them. I added some french knots with DMC perle cotton in varigated colors.

I added some leaves, also done the same way. It was a great way to use up small pieces of batthing and scraps.

I will show you how they look on the packages once they are wrapped....but first I actually need to finish making them!

Monday, December 6, 2010

scrappy chinese coins table topper

When I finished the quilt on the wall some time ago, the leftovers got boxed and stored. They were a mix of thrifted shirts and trousers (linen), soft flannels, japanese fabric and more. Quite a mix. Trying to organize my stash, they resurfaced and I decided to use them up, aiming for a table topper to accompany the wall quilt.

As these leftover strings all had the same width, they came together quickly. I decided to frame them with some 100% linen (from stash), as that was an important ingredient in the wall quilt.
The linen was beautifully black (before washing) and a bit wobbly. So I optimistically marked the top for a diamond quilting pattern, using my chalk pencil. Pinned it, and started quilting. Had second thoughts, and ended up with very close parallel lines. Linen is a bit more demanding than cotton! Has a life of it's own...

The resulting 32" square table topper is quite wonky, compared to the top before quilting...

Still, it makes a nice, coordinated pair.

Have fun with the left- overs! I think they make the best start for some fun play with fabric...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Liberated Basket Quilt, 38" x 46"

Made in my first Gwen Marston workshop, mostly from leftover string pieces from a Kaffe quilt.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Not just the baskets...

I thought of adding this picture to the blog just as a reminder that this blog is about what a basket full of scraps can do.. Please feel free to post anything you have made out of scraps. It is not limited to basket quilts. It may have started out that way but let's broaden our platform and provide greater inspirations for each other and all who visit us.

We have done GREAT so far.. I love how everyone's baskets are so different and quite inspiring with their  individual style. I can not wait to see all the fun ideas you all have to share.
This is a place for your unique, one of a kind creations.

My quilt below is still under construction and might remain that way for a while.


'Confetti' is almost ready. 
I have stitched the binding on but need to attach the sleeve so that I can hang it for a proper picture.

 I think I got a little carried away with stitching.. 
I love it!